Middle of the last long weekend of summer

It’s a quiet, crickety summer night, September 4, in southern Ontario where I live. The day has been damp, humid, but the night is cooling finally. A short heat wave ends; autumn pends. Been watching the AMC show Breaking Bad tonight, after a week of vacation to Pelee area. Point Pelee is one of the best parks for those wanting trails, water, birds and lots of flora. Breaking Bad is one of the best tv shows for dark humour, intense drama, a story unfolding – there is violence (it’s about drug cartels selling methamphetamine) and I’ve had to turn away from the visuals a few times. Sunday night and tomorrow is a holiday, Happy Labour Day!

I often hear folks say unions were needed once, but now they are too powerful, too organized, too out of touch with the average worker, at least those not represented by a union. I belonged to a few unions over the years. I can only wish anyone with a union job all the best for their future and hope they can not only maintain, but grow their benefits. I wish the best for all humanity, why would I want to contribute to the deterioration of life quality, even if only by belittling or criticizing the small gains in equity attained over the last few decades? Happy Labour Day to all workers, thanks for doing the job.

Sunrise view near Pelee park, Freddy's restaurant in the distance, I recommend it, yummy food. Loved Hillman Conservation area, the region is super for vacation if you like trail hikes. I do.


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