I’m so happy to be here, never doubt that. It’s a wonderful life and a beautiful world. Besides, what’s the alternative?

As we cannot know, but only devise beliefs about that, I’d say, “Thanks, accept my gratitude”, I suppose to my parents in the first nod, my children and grandchildren on the second and to all my ancestors next.

Thanks continue to the artists, the innovators, the inventors, the scientists and to all the craftspeople creating.

The sky – thanks; the earth – thanks; music – THANKS!; the plants, animals, water and that special element, fire – thanks.

Did I miss anyone? If so, please consider yourself thoroughly thanked.

The following pictorial represents some of my life experiences for which I am eternally grateful. It’s part of Canada, a peaceful place. Canada is a northern land, meaning it’s coldish a lot of the time and freezing snow bound for at least a few months in our south and many more in our north.

Mountains, rivers, lakes, farmlands, wetlands, forests, prairies, lowlands, uplands, cities, towns and country, a super quality of life for about 34 million people (Beijing has 19.6million; New York City 8 million).

I’m thankful I was born here.

I would love to travel Canada and take pics for a living, blogging about that. What a wonderful adventure that would be.

If you have a company that wants a travelling logo on the sides of my car (for example, Coca-Cola), please contact me to discuss a sponsorship deal and I will use your product while I travel, and blog about it, should the price be right.

Or Chevrolet – I bought your Cruze, how about a great social media blog presence as I click my digital camera around this beautiful, compelling nation.

Or Nikon, Sony, the Government of Canada?

I’m here, you know how to reach me. I’m ready to discuss!

For now, I present southern Ontario, my native region, forever thanked, always in my heart.

NOTE: Click on the first picture and this gallery will expand.


2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Wonderful pictures! I especially like Promise of the Oak, Fungus Colours, Autumn’s Leavings, Autumn Colours — haha, I was going to go on but I kept finding more that are fantastic.

    Hopefully you can find sponsorship to do this every day 🙂 Keep writing and snapping!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like your ‘fog tree’ photo. Travelling around Canada takping photos and blogging sounds like great idea. Wouldn’t mind doing that myself 🙂

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