You’re Welcome #4, Southwestern Ontario West – Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery is one of my fav destinations for fun and photography. Don’t tell anybody, or it may become overrun with tourists. Already it is extremely busy during summer weekends, particularly the official ‘long’ weekends with holidays attached to them – Victoria Day in May, Canada Day on July 1, Civic Holiday (at least in Ontario) first of August, Labour Day first week of September (except for Canada Day, the dates are not constant). Camping is busy, then, too. But, this park is camp site sold-out on a regular basis during the summer months. Reservations can be booked, I think it’s 5 months in advance on the Ontario Parks reservation service; Pinery fills up fast, it is that great a place to be. I rarely camp there in summer, it’s too busy for me, but I day use regularly after work and on weekends. On summer weekends, I tend to get there for 8AM opening and stay til 1 if it gets busy, later if it’s not so much.

I have taken quite a while to get to my introduction of Pinery Provincial Park, representing the west of my north, east, west and south travel destinations in southwestern Ontario. The reason? As my main focus is photos of my fav places in this region, it has taken a lot of time to go through my pics of Pinery. I have an Ontario Provincial Park pass for the year which gets me into any of these parks for day use. It costs $150 per year. Because it is only a 40 minute drive from home, I get to Pinery at least 3 times a week average during April to November, so it’s worth it for me to buy the pass. And because I go there a lot, I have many, many pics to review for this blog.

Pinery Provincial Park is located about 10km south of Grand Bend, the local town where many young people beach it up. I don’t go to Grand Bend; it’s too busy for me. It’s a great place, if you like that sort of thing. The main ‘strip’ used to be charming with an arcade, mini-golf, amusement park, etc.; those features may still be there. However, the municipality reworked the road and now it’s rather ugly, in my opinion. There are great burger shops, clothing and souvenir places, but it’s not for me.

For me: the beauty of Pinery. It’s huge, with many trails, a river, 8km of beach, hundreds of camp sites and lots of day use picnic spots. The flora – oak, cedar and pine – combined with the fauna – deer, raccoons, birds – make this an amazing place to while away my hours. I love the outdoors and Pinery provides me with everything that I need to enjoy being part of the natural world.

I will in time return to a more in-depth look at Pinery. For now, here’s some pics of the place.

As you can see, sunsets are big there. When I get to a more detailed review of Pinery (and I will, one day blog that), I will include much more of the woods.

Please feel free to ask me more about Pinery and fun places to go in southwestern Ontario. Next blog will be the south as represented by Long Point Provincial Park – my other fav place to go for camping, hiking, nature and photography. Until then, may your life be full of the wonder of the world.


3 thoughts on “You’re Welcome #4, Southwestern Ontario West – Pinery Provincial Park

  1. Thanks for Posting. I too have loved the Pinery…went as a child and then returned for first time last year with my family (including 11 week old twins and 6 year old). Tell me, if you can, about this crazy stable fly on the beach. Have you been this year? I am about to return with my family on July 1st weekend and am considering cancelling. If you have a moment or any valued advice as someone who has gone to the Pinery and the beaches so frequently I would appreciate it greatly (

    • Hi, thanks for reading my post, I love Pinery, but yes, those flies make it miserable. If it’s windy at the beach, they aren’t a problem, and if you are in the water, they don’t seem to follow you in. They aren’t as bothersome at the campsites, but the beach is a big reason to be at Pinery, as you know. These bugs are a scourge at most southern Ontario beaches – Long Point, Burwell, Rondeau, Wheatley, Pinery, in my direct experience. The only solution is to wear long pants, they don’t seem to bother your arms as much (but will, a bit). I have a pair of light cotton pants that not only help reduce the stable fly biting, but also offer sun protection. Bug repellent does not work. I’m sorry I can’t be more positive about that situation, but if you don’t cancel, I hope it’s windy for your visit, that makes all the difference. Happy camping to you and your family.

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