You’re Welcome #5, Southwestern Ontario South – Long Point Provincial Park

I have recently had the great pleasure of two super campouts at Long Point Provincial Park. I love the camping there; for me, it is the best. I like the sandy camp sites – they soak up rain and dry fairly fast after. Also, many of the sites, and some spots on the beach, have plenty of shade – I need that because I sunburn easily. I am not an adorer of lying about in the sun, but I do love to be outdoors, so shady camp sites are a must.

Located about 4km south of the village of Port Rowan, Long Point Provincial Park (on the north shore of Lake Erie) and the surrounding area of the point (a 40km long sand spit), wetlands and marshes, is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. As a migratory pathway the region is an important bird area. Tourists, too, flock to the park not only for the birding, but for the sandy beach, dunes and swimming.

It is a popular park and through the online Ontario Parks reservation system, the summer season fills up fast. I have camped there in summer and fall. I had a particularly wonderful time in late September when the grounds are not too busy. There are no official ‘trails’ to hike, but folks can traverse the paths through the wetlands and marsh, accessible from county road 59 about midway on the causeway between the mainland and the point.

I hope you enjoy these snapshots of Long Point Provincial Park.

I plan many more day trips and camp outs at Long Point. It’s a wonderful place to be.

Next blog: more pics, more stories featuring my fav outdoor southern Ontario places.


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