Road Trip early May 2013 – Home from Point Pelee

I want to write about my 3 day trip to Point Pelee National Park near Leamington, Ontario, Canada to attend the Festival of Birds presented by the Park’s Friends group. But, novice birder error, should have hydrated often and worn a hat to be out in the glorious sunshine and cool, strong winds from dawn to dusk on Saturday and Sunday. Today (Monday), I am under the weather in a different way, signs of sunstroke? And tomorrow, I’m off to the big city of Toronto, so won’t have time to write then.

I am up to a quick pic and stating my sincere thanks to and appreciation for the Parks staff and Friends volunteers for making this 3 week long (runs May 3 – 20 – you still have time to get there, folks!) celebration of bird spring migration such a welcoming and informative gathering of birders and anyone fascinated, as I am, by the natural beauty of this part of the world.

At the tip

At the tip, Sat May 3, 2013 AM.

For more information, go to

I will be blogging more about the trip later this week. If you have any comments or questions about my super time at Pelee, let me know. I love to hear from people interested in the wonders of our natural world.


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