To 2014

I have been away from my blog too long; I wager the world has not missed me.

2013 was not a good year for me, financially. I have been unemployed since June 2012, except for securing a position for which I moved from the London ON area to KW region. That lasted 2 months, then the non profit KW Symphony eliminated my position. Boo to that – I spent over $2,000 for first and last and moving house to take that job. Extremely disappointing.

But, on to 2014 – I plan for this to be the year of me making it big time.

As my blog goal is to bring southwestern Ontario outdoors to the world, let’s get on with it.

Here are some pics from my trip with buddy, Susan, to the Point Pelee Festival of Birds, first weekend in May, for your perusal and enjoyment:

We plan to make this a yearly adventure. The song birds return on this migratory path, it’s best first weekend in May, as the leaves have not opened and the birds are so much easier to see. Lots of warblers and water birds. My camera is point and shoot, no good telephoto, or there would be amazing bird pics. Darn, wish I had a better camera.

I will do better at getting to my blog to catch up with a half year’s worth of rambles. ‘Til then, all the best for a healthful, wealthful and wonder-filled 2014!


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