Last Week of May 2013 Travels

I can’t resist the lure of the Great Lakes shores and valuing my Ontario Parks pass with as many trips as possible, given the state of my world in May 2013. My recharge, walks on the beaches of some super southwestern Ontario parks.

I was mistaken that the late May full moon was to be a ‘supermoon’, during which at moonrise it looks extra big because of it’s nearness to the earth, perigee. In search of that phenomenon rising over Lake Erie, I headed south to do a Port Burwell to Port Bruce road trip to snap moonrise pics at the Port Bruce pier. While the shots and the outdoors were great for me, the supermoon was not due ’til June – an example of me following information from the Internet – reminder to self, research to confirm stuff like this! Still, a fun trip.

Finally discovered the far end of the Port Burwell Provincial Park day use area. Though there were a few cars in the parking lot, I didn’t see anyone else as I walked the trail to the lake. It was very windy, late afternoon. Had a quick stop at the park’s pier-side trail.

Headed west to Port Bruce, the sun heading towards setting in front of me. Grabbed a burger at the local fast food shop and drove to the pier. Lots of parking, cute cottages, very small town. No camping at Port Bruce Provincial Park, but there are change/restrooms (not reliably open) and picnic tables in the grassy area across the road from the beach.

At the pier, folks are fishing, but when the sun went down, and the moon came up, I was the only person there.

I have a lot to learn about shooting the moon – any advice from others is greatly appreciated, Canon Powershot point and shoot. Drove home to get lots of sleep for a Pinery Provincial Park visit the next day.

So many exciting bird encounters at Pinery, but again, not the best camera. Great for hiking, beach-wandering, bike-riding, such a super park!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about outdoors in southwestern Ontario. I love to hear from you!

Last week of May 2013 pics (there are many!):

Next up: June 2013, wonder what I will find when I look at those pics again? Follow me and find out, too.


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