Last few weeks of spring 2013

In early June 2013, with a limited travel budget, I am so fortunate to have lived a 45 minute drive from Pinery Provincial Park. I filled my days with the work of seeking employment and still had time for a few hours hiking and taking pics. The last few weeks of spring 2013 represented an important ending for me – employment insurance benefits!

Facing an uncertain income future, stress reduction was in order. What better place to build hope than the oak, cedar and fern filled Pinery? And it’s almost always super for bird-watching. Many a hawk, woodpecker types, hummingbirds, the thrush families, warblers, naming only a few. Wish I had a great telephoto lens/camera, but I have fun with what I do own and am so grateful for my dear Canon PowerShot.

In early June 2013, I had a blank future and replaced fear with hope. It worked, sort of. I mean, I still have Internet, right?

If you find even one-millionth as much joy in my pics from the last few weeks of spring 2013 as I had taking them, then you have had a joyous day.

With lots of cheer and goodwill to all:

Please feel free to comment or ask me about great travel spots in southwestern Ontario. I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in this wonderful place to live.


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