Birthday Travels & Solstice Party, June 2013

In catching up with my outdoor southwestern Ontario blog, as a ‘polar vortex’ chills the air to -24 celsius (windchill makes it feel even colder), I am quite happy to re-live the warm travels of last June. My dear friend (since high school!), m.e. (Marion) law (link to her web site) and I have side-by-side birthdays and we got together for the 1st time in many years when she came from San Diego to Toronto area for a 3 week vacation and to do a recording project (link to m.e.’s new CD, Peace, Love, Death & Chocolate)

I started my birthday celebration having supper and cake with my daughter, son-in-law (his birthday is day after mine!) and the grandchildren. Stayed the night at their place, then caught the early train to Toronto at 8 AM to meet up with m.e. where she was staying with friends while in the city. We had a great time catching up and going out to some fine food joints with her gracious and warm hosts. My son joined us for a very merry Toronto time, including the delicious French Papillon on the Park.

Heading back to my son’s place at 4 AM after the Solstice party (great people, good drinks, warm night), we discovered where the street cars hang out. I love a birthday evening when I stay up until dawn!

The next day, my son and I explored High Park, a place full of greenery and people enjoying a summer day. Later, I met up with m.e. at the train station to round out our birthday weekend with a visit to my place and a day trip together to Pinery. m.e., always creative, sculpted with driftwood.

Now you know all about how I celebrated my birthday last year. As for travel, the train to Toronto is clean and air-conditioned for summer comfort. I got around the subway and street cars of Toronto thanks to asking people around me for directions. Thank you, Toronto folk!

Did a bit of hiking the trails at Woodbine Park – it’s tidy, with swans in a pond and decent paths. It’s also adjacent to Ashbridge’s Bay Park, a wide sandy beach on Lake Ontario. We checked the beach out around 10 PM on a Friday night. It was full of people promenading the boardwalk and several folks flying kites.

The restaurants, pubs, parks and lake shore trails make Toronto a fun city in which to play.

Now on to pics of my birthday week:

Please share your comments about fun in Toronto or other southwestern Ontario places. I enjoy hearing from you.

Next blog: Long Point campout, plus!


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