Long Point Provincial Park Canada Day 2013 Camp

Proximity, affinity and natural beauty keep me attached to Long Point Provincial Park camping, plus the sand, so much sand. I am a fan of sand! And it’s not the gnarly, gunky sand found on some beaches.

Long Point sand is fine and light, excellent for making shoreline sculptures, but super hot on a sunny day. Sandals help prevent burning feet bottoms, I recommend them. If you wear your shoes tromping around this park’s sand dune trails, you most likely will get a shoeful of sand. Enjoy!

Spring and summer at Long Point brings great bird-watching opportunities. There are too many red-winged blackbirds, but they are fun to watch around the campsite. Please drive carefully, watch and stop for turtles, frogs, baby birds and other animals crossing the park roads. This is no place for fast driving or wild and crazy partying.

Long Point Provincial Park is a quiet, clean, peaceful natural camping experience. Let’s keep it that way!

Grumper Gram’s notes to those planning to camp in southwestern Ontario provincial parks:

– I am sure you love your music, but I don’t – hush it down, people, listen to the birds, the wind in the cottonwood, the swoosh of the lake waves, the natural sounds that will enhance your well-being, truly.
– I am sure you love your dog, but I don’t – no barking allowed, or running loose, you need a leash and to pick up after your pets; plus, dogs are not allowed on the beach except for one specific spot at the far end of the day use area – capiche?
– Clean up after yourselves, and don’t leave your garbage at the comfort stations, it’s not that far to walk or drive to the dumpster, lazynesses. Seriously, stop abusing these public parks with your dirty habits; you know who you are.
– Don’t start fires with wood or charcoal, etc., anywhere but the designated burn receptacles on your camp site or in the day use picnic areas. Here’s a true tale: at Long Point, on a trail from the day use parking lot to the beach, someone dumped hot charcoals and covered it slightly with sand. A toddler running to the beach stepped on the coals and suffered major burns. Please be smart and don’t let this type of preventable incident happen again.
– Once again, drive the slow speed limit, watch the one-way camp roads, notice the children on bikes and people walking on the roads, stop for critters. You can do it, make the difference and slow down!

On to Long Point Provincial Park Canada Day weekend 2013 camp out pics, such a great time with family and friends:

With family and friends, or on my own, I love camping at Long Point Provincial Park. I recommend it if you like sandy campsites, seagulls on the beach and quiet, peaceful, nature-filled relaxation.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Long Point – I am not an expert, but I am opinionated!

I love to hear from people and to let you all know about the super life we get to live in southwestern Ontario, so close to places like Long Point! Lucky us, may you all have such a place to renew and relax.

Next blog: July 2013 – a month in transition, a month in review.


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