Elora, Pinery and 1 Toronto – July 2013 travels

July 2013 in southwestern Ontario was hot and humid, with many thunder-storms and muggy days. It was a month of change for me. I interviewed for a position in Kitchener ON, accepted the job in late July and got busy searching for a new home in a new city.

Meanwhile, I took another trip to Toronto to enjoy more time with vacationing bud, m.e. law, got to Pinery a few times and had a day in Elora. With all of the action needed going back and forth between London and Kitchener, re: the interview and finding a home, it was a busy month. So happy to have air-conditioning in my car.

For the Toronto trip, I traveled by train to Union Station. Decided a long walk was in order, from Union Station east to Ashbridge’s Bay Park area, and made my way along city streets towards the Distillery District. It was an extremely hot and sunny day, making the journey quite taxing. I only snapped a few pics. I located the Lower Don Recreation trail – it is primarily for bikes, but I walked it. Had to be careful and keep out of bikers’ ways.

Pinery Provincial Park, located 10 km south of Grand Bend, is always fun for hikes and hot day swims. The few times I was there in July, there were stormy clouds. I aim to get to the park around 8 AM and stay for the day. In the early morning, it is not very busy on the lake, making for peaceful and quiet hiking and beach-walking.

Elora ON is a pretty and small town just north of the Guelph/Kitchener area. Known for the Elora Gorge section of the Grand River, there are many trails to hike and interesting shops to visit. Access to trails is unpaid, but there is a fee to enter the Elora Gorge Conservation Area’s two parks, the Gorge and the Quarry. It’s a busy place full of tourists, but wild enough that you can find spots to be alone with the natural world.

On to photos, lots of them:

Thank you for reading about the fun I have traveling in southwestern Ontario. Please leave a comment or ask a question about this beautiful region of Canada. I love to hear from you.

Next blog: on to August, a new job, a new city to explore.


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