August 2013 – month of change

Summer in southwestern Ontario, Canada, offers variable, but usually warm weather, with a chance of thunderstorms morphing into tornadoes. Not as often as the U.S. mid-west, but enough to require alertness to forecasts’ watches and warnings. Here’s another type of warning: biting bugs.

In the north of Ontario, blackflies and mosquitoes can be a problem, but in the south, it’s mosquitoes and stable flies. Stable flies are nasty little biters and they will attack you to bite a chunk of you, usually from your legs. Bug repellant does not deter them. They are prevalent on the sandy beaches of Lake Huron and Lake Erie – I haven’t vacationed on Lake Ontario, but I assume they are there, too. Best bet is to wear pants and shirts with sleeves to avoid their bites. However, if it’s a windy day, they are less active on the beach.

Personally, my August 2013 was a month of change. I began a job with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony and was very busy securing a new home. As a result, I visited my fav parks only a few times. But, there are pictures:

The trip from Kitchener to Pinery is 1.5 hours compared to London to Pinery = 45 minutes. I visited much less often, but the drive early on a Saturday morning provides plenty of enjoyment. I love to drive in the countryside, not in the winter, though.

Thank you for checking my August 2013 blog entry. Please comment or ask questions about travel in southwestern Ontario.


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