October 2013 – What?

Having moved from London ON to work for the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony starting the job on August 12 and moved house September 7 with a leased apartment, I was fortunate to have a best friend in the KW area. She let me stay with her during the week to reduce my commute time and costs until I could secure housing. Thanks, bestie!

I settled in to the new job, but seriously missed regularly getting to my fav parks, Pinery and Long Point. In my new town, I found the super Grand River trail and tramped about quite a bit in my neighbourhood. The job paid poorly, but I needed work.

Then, shocker, the symphony terminated my position on October 16. What to do next?

Head to the lake, of course. October 18 found me driving a new route to Long Point Provincial Park for a sunny day on the north shore of Lake Erie. I stopped in at Chesney Conservation Area near Innerkip along the way. Despite my tremendous loss, I certainly enjoyed my weekday journey. Here are pictures from that warm fall day:

When life socks you in the gut, find your bliss.

Please ask me anything about fun outdoors in southwestern Ontario. If I don’t know the answer, I will try to find out for you. Happy travels and safe journeys, people.


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