Early November 2013

My camera, a lowly Canon PowerShot, goes with me when I travel or tramp around my town. Southwestern Ontario, in Canada, provides plenty of super destinations for hikers and lovers of nature. As mentioned in previous blog entries, my fav spot for hiking is Pinery Provincial Park because it is relatively nearby and it has many trails. For camping, I prefer Long Point Provincial Park because most of the campsites are sandy – I like that. And both places have plenty of shade near the beach for sunburners like me to avoid the rays.

However, there are many, many more super spots. For example, The Forks of the Credit Provincial Park located near Caledon, ON. No camping at this park, but many trails and a small picnic area. Being a short drive from Brampton, the place is very busy in the summer with day tripping hikers. I try to get there at least once a year, preferably in the fall when the sumacs are bright red. The park, part of the Niagara Escarpment, has a kettle lake and a scenic waterfall. The entire Escarpment ranges from Niagara region to Tobermory and hikers can access the Bruce Trail at many points across this ancient rock formation.

Tramping around my new home area in the KW region, I have a great time snapping local pics. Leaving home at sunrise in early November, I scouted out Laurel Creek Conservation Area. Not in-depth, but I plan to get there again, soon. It offers trails, a small lake, picnic areas and in the winter months, some folks use the place to cross-country ski. I look forward to an early spring dawn when I expect to see many birds there.

Another fun thing to do is take pics of rainy nights. I like to capture light on rainy pavement and the following pics reflect that.

I am grateful, thankful and full of joy about living in the middle of the Great Lakes basin. Natural beauty and so many hiking opportunities abound. If you are planning a trip in southwestern Ontario, please feel free to ask me about my journeys here. I love to read your comments and will reply to serious inquiries.

Thank you for checking out my blog. I truly enjoy sharing my pics of my fav places to visit and hikes near and far. Happy travels and safe journeys!


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