Before the Snow

The past few winters in southwestern Ontario were relatively mild, with a few thaws and not too many snow days. We never know what to expect, until it happens. This year – deep freeze and plenty of snow, with only one thaw in early January. Before the snow, I was fortunate to have time to get out to a few of my favourite outdoor places: Elora Gorge Conservation Area, Long Point Provincial Park and Pinery Provincial Park. Since the snow in December started to pile up, I haven’t been out and about too much. Mostly walking in my neighbourhood. More on that in my next blog.

For now, the autumn wrap up. Elora is a small town a few miles north of Guelph and Kitchener. My best friend lives there and I am happy to have moved closer to her, so we can get outside to enjoy some hikes. The town is famous for the Elora Gorge, part of the Grand River featuring escarpment rock. In the summer, many tourists visit for the quaint shops, restaurants and hiking trails. The Elora Gorge Conservation Area has camping, a water play-pad and hiking trails along the Grand River. Water-tubing through the gorge is very popular. For an overnight stay, try The Drew House, an attractive, clean and well-managed bed and breakfast. The owners are friendly, including Roger, a French chef who cooks up a most tasty and very filling breakfast!

I never tire of vising Pinery and Long Point. Pinery, located on Lake Huron a few kilometers south of Grand Bend, ON, has camping available year-round; Long Point, on Lake Erie near Port Rowan, ON, is closed during the winter season, but accessible for hiking. Here are a few photographs of my outdoor-fun day trips before snowy December trapped me in the KW region:

Next up: home bound and walking the neighbourhood.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the wonders of outdoor fun and photo opps in southwestern Ontario. It is now the last week of February 2014 and I am so excited to meet up with spring.

Safe travels and happy journeys!


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