Pre-Christmas Ice Storm Dec2013

In southwestern Ontario, the weekend before Christmas 2013, a major ice storm damaged thousands of trees and hydro poles across the region. Many people were without hydro, some for days. My building was not affected. The Via train bringing my son for a visit the night of the storm was delayed by 5 hours, but amazingly, it was able to make the run from Toronto. I have since taken the train to Toronto and the views of mangled, broken trees are disheartening. So much damage!

While ice storms are destructive, they do provide photographers with plenty of interesting and unusual shots. Here are mine, there are many, but I like them all:

The temperature did warm up to a mini-melt within a week, ridding the plants and trees of their thick icy coating. Great thanks to all of the hydro workers for their overtime during the holidays.

This post takes me to 2014. Happy belated New Year to you! I haven’t been snapping too many pics since the year began, but will update my blog with some outdoor winter shots in the next entry.

Happy travels and safe journeys!


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