Caught Up

Since December I have been busy catching up with 7 months of outdoors photos taken in my home region of southwestern Ontario. My goal is to let the world know about the fun and accessible natural beauty of the Great Lakes basin, plus some city pics. Favourite spots include Pinery Provincial Park for day trips and Long Point Provincial Park for camping.

It is now early March and soon spring will entice the migrating birds back north. Can’t wait, but I have to.

For today, some pics from mid-February to this past week include: Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Chesney Conservation Area and Niagara Falls, Ontario.

For Family Day (a February holiday Monday in Ontario), my family and some friends got together at Chesney for a winter wonderland hike. This spot near Innerkip, ON is closed during the winter, but walk-in is allowed. In the summer, it is free to drive in and hike. You can wander trails through Carolinian forest, a cedar swamp and a pine section. We had a picnic in the chilly air – that was yummy and fun!

Laurel Creek, in Waterloo, ON, has cross-country ski trails for winter activity. In the summer, camping is available.

Niagara Falls is a Canadian tourist mecca. Even in the winter, folks get there. I was shocked to discover that the region charges $10 to park near the Falls, and I wasn’t paying that, so my pics are drive by. However, there are many other parking areas along the Niagara Parkway drive between Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake for stopping and viewing the gorgeous river.

I hope you enjoy this final catch up of pics:

Also included in those photos is a shot from my apartment balcony of a blast of winter. I don’t travel when it’s snowy on the roads if I can avoid it.

Feel free to ask me about fun things to do and see in southwestern Ontario. I enjoy hearing from you.

Wishing you safe travels and happy journeys.


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