New Project – Eek!Illogical!

Music and Comedy voices for the voiceless non-human animals

I have launched my newest project, Eek!Illogical!. I hope you check it out. Here’s a preview:

Imagine what non-human animals would sing or joke about to let humans know how we affect their lives.

Then, make it real – create music or comedy and let’s make a difference saving species, habitat and our world.

Eek!Illogical! is destined to be a series of musical comedy – live and simulcast (radio/video/net) – ‘charity’ benefit concerts,  along the old music hall lines. Hosted by the Gloomy Doomer Twins, a trio of mice, the concerts will need your submissions.

What animal would you be?

Once funding support is in place for a dedicated domain, artists will be able to submit songs or comedy recordings anonymously, attributed  to an animal or animals. Artists will be acknowledged!

The submissions will be subject to voting for the best to determine which will be presented in concert.

For now, baby steps, with a prototype URL with examples.


Eek!Illogical!, a hugely attractive multimedia project, includes music/contestant/voting, the concept so popular with audiences and advertisers.  I outlined my creative concept to an advertising agency, and the Creative Director said it was awesome, and that if I can make this a go, both Letterman and Leno would want to feature it. Also, I was told by a staff member with the Ontario Media Development Corporation, an Ontario provincial government-funded media production support agency, that Eek!Illogical ‘has legs’.

In the initial public phase, requiring a business relationship with an Internet-accessible radio station, songwriters and bands submit their songs online to be voted on by web users and radio listeners. The songs must be fictionally attributed to non-human species, as the species’ protest response to humanity’s environmentally destructive activities.

The show setting and tone is an old-time music hall type presentation, featuring a few hosts and several acts.  The winning songs are featured in two-hour, weekly blocks within the story line: hundreds of acts vie to perform in a series of benefit concerts for and by non-humans for environmental awareness.

There is creative potential to develop characters and to contribute to both the music industry and environmental awareness.

I am seeking partners in management, development, production, marketing and distribution.

I hope you have time to check the Eek! web site. Let me know what you think. Feedback is so appreciated.

Happy Spring! Hope you love Eek!



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