Spring at Last!

Finally spring has arrived in southwestern Ontario. Over the past 4 months of cold and blowing snow, I didn’t drive far from home; with the the warm and sunny early April weekend, true spring at last, a trip to Long Point Provincial Park was required. Doctor’s orders to cure my cabin fever.

I was surprised by the lack of snow on the beach and the massive amount of ice visible across the horizon of Lake Erie. So much ice! Camping starts in one month at Long Point. I think there won’t be many swimmers that first weekend. It’s a quiet, relaxed and laid back campground with only minimal ‘wild’ space between most camp sites. And there are duck hunters. That means there are many ducks.

Besides the great camping and summer swimming on a super sandy beach, my favourite part of a trip to Long Point is seeing the birds. This trip: a pair of sand hill cranes, red-winged blackbirds, mallards, robins, tundra swans, snow geese and lots of waterfowl far out on the bay at Port Rowan, the local harbour. The park is closed in winter, but you can take the chance to leave your car outside the gates and walk in.

I walked in for a stroll on the beach and a jaunt through the campgrounds. I’m not thrilled with the ripping down of the old bathrooms and the building of the new, but progress being what it is, change is inevitable. “Boo to the new poo loos. When I was kid,” Grumper Gran says, “when we went camping, we shat in outhouses in which we sat on wooden benches with round holes, there was no laundry and no showers. Campers were camping, not experiencing the indoors outdoors.”

A few weeks later, I was in the Port Burwell Provincial Park, another Lake Erie spot. Wandering through the day use area, I spooked a group of Canada Geese, saw my first pair of killdeers for the season, and heard that amazing sound frogs make when they awake from their muddy winter life and seek their mates. Spring is so full of life, that’s why I love it so much. Nature is my nurture.

Here are some pics of my yay, spring! trips to Lake Erie, plus a couple of Elora, Ontario shots:

Happy spring, everybody. Please feel free to get in touch with your comments or questions about fun outdoors in southwestern Ontario.
Wishing you happy travels and safe journeys.


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