First of May road trip plus

After that long, very cold winter, even this chilly spring is welcome. In southwestern Ontario, the temperatures in April were quite a bit below where they normally are. But, there were a few sunny days, and I have pictures of my road trips to greet spring. Did Easter in Toronto, wandered river-side trails in my town and 2 road trips – Conestogo Lake Conservation Area and north shore Lake Erie from Turkey Point to Port Burwell.

With the birds heading back north, on the Lake Erie trip we saw a sandhill crane, many warblers and a bald eagle. We headed out from Kitchener at 7AM, took a leisurely drive down Trussler to Bishopsgate Road, through Scotland, Windham Centre and across Hwy 3 to Turkey Point Road. We walked in to Turkey Point Provincial Park – things were greening up nicely. We drove Front Road towards Port Rowan and found the Csubak viewing area, a pull off point with a view of the vast marshlands on the west side of Turkey Point.

On to Port Rowan with a stop at the offices of Bird Studies Canada. Their property backs onto the bay and the public can enjoy walking their paths. As soon as we started our walk, the rain came. Up we popped our umbrellas. But, the grass paths were soaked and our shoes did get very wet. I must get back here on a sunny day to check out the bayside viewing area again.

After a short stop at Long Point Bird Observatory, where we enjoyed seeing a killdeer wander about the parking area, the rain started up again, so we headed to Port Burwell – the sky seemed clearer there. On the way. we checked out where the lakeshore county road 42 ends abruptly. Drivers are forced north, then west, to get to Burwell. I checked out Google satellite view and the old road has been destroyed by erosion. It’s creepy. I would like to hike the closed area to get an up close view of the destruction, but this trip was not the day for that diversion. Wow, the power of nature!

At Port Burwell, we walked in to the closed Provincial Park. The sun shone and we heard many frogs croaking their day away. Giant dark clouds were approaching from the west, so we headed home after 11 hours on the road.

As for the Conestogo Lake Conservation Area road trip, that was a bust. We planned to park and wander the trails, but the place was signed with many no trespassing, closed, no entry postings, plus no parking near the park entrances. Rather than take a chance at parking and entering anyway – you know, tickets or towing? – we drove around the lake and wandered along a quiet stretch of country road. Another park I must get back to!

Here are the pics, I hope you enjoy them:

Next up: blog of my Sunday May 4 morning hike at Laurel Creek Conservation Area.

Please let me know if you have any questions or I love to read any comments! Wishing you safe travels and happy journeys.


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