June 2014 Kitchener + CAFKA.14

Help! I’m stuck in Kitchener, no job, no money. That equals stick around home to take pics and I have some fun and some serious shots of this small Ontario city, including some contemporary art installations from CAFKA.14.

I had the pleasure of working for CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener + Area as a development officer for 10 weeks this spring. Managed my first Indiegogo campaign with them – that was fun. CAFKA.14 presents public art in the city hall areas of Kitchener and Waterloo, in parks and other locations. Run by Gordon Hatt, Executive Director, Karie Liao, Artistic Director and several volunteers, including dedicated board members, CAFKA.14 offers more than one dozen artist installations – cool, too, they pay the artists! Here’s the link to CAFKA on the web: public art; the show runs throughout June 2014.

And here are some shots of around town Kitchener, including a few of the CAFKA.14 installations:

I hope you enjoyed seeing these parts of my little world. Until next blog, happy travels and safe journeys.


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