2 Days to Spring 2015

It’s almost spring here in southwestern Ontario. I love this time of year as the snow melts, birds return from their winter in the south, trails mud up (wear boots hiking!) and the longer days of sunshine warms. Still enough chill in the air to wear my hat and gloves, it’s not quite mild yet. But spring is imminent.

However, only recently have I had great access to my photos for posting and as my blog’s purpose is to share my shots, I am taking you back to fall and early winter 2014 for this entry. Playing photo catch up. Watch for January to March posts coming up soon.

Glad to be back at it and I hope you enjoy these pics of late fall and early winter in southwestern Ontario. It’s beautiful here in the winter, especially when snow is on the ground. This past season, except for a few snows in November and December that melted fast, true lasting snow didn’t start until the last week of December, after Christmas.

Late fall, I had a few trips to enjoy the changing colours of the deciduous trees in this part of Canada. The orangey yellow-greens of the beeches, the bright red, yellow and orange of the sugar maple, the oak’s late changing red, all these and more light up the landscape with pic-friendly colours. This yearly show is best in the sunshine – my pics don’t do it justice, when taken on a cloudy day.

I had fun hikes at Pinery Provincial Park on Lake Huron near Grand Bend for fall views of oak, cedar, pine and the lake.

A few other road trips include:

Springwater Conservation Area, a lovely trail to hike at this small park near Aylmer, ON. Managed by the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority, the park is open from Mother’s Day (early May) until Thanksgiving Day (early October). You can camp there, too! Depending on the weather. you can walk the trails any time.

– Only one picture of my journey to Turkey Point, ON, a small town on Lake Erie’s north shore, southwest of Simcoe and even further southwest from Toronto. It was a warmish late fall day and a friend was driving, thanks, friend! Turkey Point is a popular beach spot in the summer, famous for the water event billed: “Pottahawk Pissup – Canada’s Biggest Boat Party!” If you are the boat party type, you might put this on your travel plans; it happens on the second Sunday of July and is an annual event. In December, when I was at Turkey Point, it was very quiet, except for hunters shooting ducks.

– A little bit of my current home territory, Elora, ON, where it’s been a cold and long winter. The pic shows snow on cedars at the Elora Gorge Quarry park.
Finally, I enjoyed a visit to my son’s Toronto home for Christmas. From his balcony, there’s a great view of the downtown skyline and Lake Ontario. Lots of great walking in the neighbourhood and in High Park.

Thanks for reading this blog and seeing the pictures of my corner of the world.

Next up: January and February in chilly southwestern Ontario. Until then, happy travels and safe journeys.


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