1 Day to Spring

In my recent 2 Days to Spring post, I took you back to late fall and early winter 2014. I spoke too soon and missed putting up some earlier travels to catch you up with my southwestern Ontario fav places blog.

So, though you may be hungering for the previously promised ‘up next’ January and February 2015 pics, ha! You are denied. It’s October and early November 2014 here instead.

True winter is over soon, will get to my virtual winter later.

Photos are a Lake Erie north shore road trip and a jaunt to Pinery Provincial Park.

Travel in southwestern Ontario during the fall offers many great picture taking gems. There are decent trails to hike and small town restaurants to discover.

In summer, the beaches are excellent for swimming and sun-worship at both Long Point and Port Burwell on Lake Erie and Pinery on Lake Huron.

In the fall, all of these parks, plus many more Great Lakes outdoors spots, provide birders with many viewing opportunities as the regions are on flyways for birds heading south for the winter.

Here are the pictures, there are many. I hope you get even one tiny part of the happiness viewing them that I get from being in these wonderful outdoor places.

Thank you for being here, I appreciate any comments or questions about southwestern Ontario.

Next up: really, January and February. Wishing you safe travels and happy journeys


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