Rondeau Provincial Park: March in January

Big thank you to those that keep Canadian highways clear of snow and ice. Sure a big storm will shut southwestern Ontario roads down at times, but there you are, clearing the way for me to get to enjoy March in January at Rondeau Provincial Park, ON, Canada.

It’s just over an hour drive from home along on the 401 freeway and with my Ontario Parks pass, I enjoy this spot south of Chatham, ON, on the north shore of Lake Erie because Rondeau is open year round.

The park is a peninsula jutting south on Lake Erie. It’s official address is Morpeth, ON. There’s a bay side, frozen over this January. And a lake side, with so much fun ice photography choices.

The park is open year round. There’s a charge to get in, but not for me, I paid for a winter pass and it’s good for free day use entry at all Ontario Provincial Parks, yay!. The campground is closed to campers, but walkable; the many trails range from being snowy to clear; the main roadways are dry and walkable. Not many birds on this Sunday, but the Carolinian forest trees make me happy. I so enjoy walking among them.

On Sunday, January 28 the weather was a balmy 8 degrees celsius for my drive to Rondeau. It had been a very snowy and freezing cold month, but recent warmer weather and rain melted most of the snow and broke up shore ice.

Thanks, nature, for creating the perfect day for the perfect hike on the beach at Rondeau in January. It was like a March afternoon. Here are the pictures, there are many because each is so beautiful to me that I couldn’t edit well.

Get to Rondeau Provincial Park if you can. It’s great for walking and loving the outdoors.

Thank you for having a look. Please comment or ask questions, I love to talk about my wonderful part of southwestern Ontario and fun places like Rondeau.


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